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Betagro Group

          Established in 1967  under the name of Betagro Companey Limited with registered capital of Baht 10 million.The company 's main business started from production and distribution of animal feed products.Its first factory was located at Prapradang district, Samutprakarn province and the first head office was situated at Suanmali sub-district.
The company continued to expand its business throughout the period starting from pork and chicken farm, animal feed production, hatcheries at Pakchong district, Nakornrachasima province to new production base at Lopburi province based on more suitable raw material resouce and location to serve full course of company's agricultural industry covering animal food manufacturer,chicken and pig farms,hatcharies,process fresh chicken meat and frozen chicken meat.

          Frozen food products.Betagro has established Betagro Group of companies to run the business operation to cover production,raising ,breeding and integration of swine and chicken, including the production of animal health care and pharmaceutical products of international standard.In addition, the company in collaboration with the agriculturists launched price guarantee project for chicken and eggs, contracted farm projects and hiring some agriculturists for swine raising to develop the high-quality breeding swine to top-grade fattening swine ,production and distribution of fresh pork meat, fresh chicken meat and eggs to supply both domestic and international markets.

          At present, Betagro Group develops into the leading corporation in agricultural industry and fully runs its business towards complete course in food business, starting from production of safe and quality food production of serve better life of Thai people and world population. Betagro Group enjoys its total revenue of over Baht 22,000 million,with 25 companies in the Group with over 15,000 employees nationwide and abroad .Betagro Group headquarter has moved to its new location at Betagro Tower in North Park, Vipavadi Rangsit Road , Bangkok since 22nd April,1996

Regional and Feed business
          Betagro public Company Limited operates this line of business under Betagro Group of company by eatablishing subsidiaries in many provinces in all regions nationwide to support production and distribution of Betagro Group products. The Group's business covers animal
feed production, operation of pig farm and egg farm, price guaranteed project of chicken meat and egg, contract farm projects and hires agriculturists to raise fattening  swine, production and distribution of  fresh pork meat, eggs and other food products.The group not only aims to supply high quality and hygienic food products for consumers but also to create job opportunities and income to the local people.

Betagro Public Company Limited : Feed Business
  BTG (Betagro Group Public Company Limited) is the first company under Betagro Group of company. It is established in 1967 under the original name of Betagro Company Limited and changed to Betagro feed Co.,Ltd. in 1989. The company operates the production of animal feed products to supply to Betagro subsidiaries and to distribute to all customers. In 1994 ,the company changed its name to Betagro Agro Group Public Company Limited.Due to economic crisis in 1997 and the Bird flu crisis in 2004 ,the company suspended the trading in the Security Exchange of Thailand and changed its name Betagro public Company Limited in 2007.
The Betagro Group has many feed mills in various locations as follows :

1.Betagro Northern Agro-Industry Co.,Ltd (BNA) has a feed mill at Amphur Muang, Lumphun, which products and distributes animal feed stuff for customers in the upper northern region.
2.Betagro Southern Co.,Ltd (BTS) has a feed mill at Rattaphoom, Songkhla, which produces and distributes animal feed stuff for all customers in the southern region.

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